MBD Chairperson – Satish Bala Malhotra taking every Initiative towards Growth and Expansion

MBD is established a repute of bringing a book for every literate person. This publication group is the only ones to have published books for all classes and all subjects, spanning all educational boards in the country. In addition, their books have been published in the maximum number of languages spoken all around. MBD is not just limited to publishing sector, but they have also made ample contribution in many more sectors, e-learning, development of new mall and management, real estate, and hospitality are just few of the prominent ones. Everything about MBD, right from the publishing industry to the eco-friendly paper-manufacturing unit and their in-house distribution channel is exemplary to their success, setting them apart from the rest of the competition. MBD is unique, unrivaled and has a success saga that is truly noteworthy.

The management has been the greatest contributors in bringing the group to this height of fame and popularity. The success saga of this eminent leader of Indian publishing industry could not be written, without the role of its bosses. Despite being surrounded by MBD Frauds and related controversies, the company has emerged victorious in sustaining its powerful business niche in the market.

No doubt, effective leadership and management of a company can contribute significantly towards its success. The Chairperson of the MBD Group, Mrs Satish Bala Malhotra, guides the company effectively, which enables the MBD Group to face professional challenges and opportunities successfully. In addition, she has become the guiding force that encourages the company employees to work as a team to continue the success saga of the company.

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Regarded Names in Publication Industry of India- Monica Malhotra and S Bala Malhotra

The astute business acumen and expertise of Ms. Monica Malhotra MBD prove to be quite valuable to the company in the competitive world. With a degree in B.Com (H) from Jesus and Mary College, she is a established author of many books such as “Begin with A”, and “Children’s Picture Dictionary”. ‘Interiors with a difference’ showcases the creativity of Ms. Monica Malhotra Kandhari. The publication emphasizes on contemporary designs in lighting and ambient music, and redefines the interior designing and decoration with elements of sophistication and style. The consistent efforts towards the development of MBD Alchemie, the e learning platform continues to be lauded.

The MBD Group is also well known in various industries such as e learning, management and development of malls, real estate, hospitality, and the manufacturing of eco friendly paper and notebooks. S Bala Malhotra along with daughter, Ms. Monicaand Ms Sonica Malhotra Kandhari, Directors of MBD Group work as a team and enable the company to face the challenges and opportunities successfully.

A widespread network of booksellers and distributors, efficient employees, and branch offices all across the country empower the MBD Group to become a recognized name in a competitive market of today. Their books are also available in most of the popular languages used worldwide. Therefore, that more people can access the comprehensive books as well as academic resources delivered by the MBD Group. They provide books for all subjects, class levels, and educational boards in India. Besides publication, they are making an entry in education sector soon by establishing an educational institute for hotel management soon.
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A reputed Name in Publication, MBD Ventures in Hospitality

Having established them selves as the leading publication house in the country, MBD Group now sets eye on the fast growing hospitality industry. A lot has been said and done to tarnish MBD’s name amidst sordid controversies, however, their market standing remains untainted. This is because of the trust the company has garnered over a span of five decades that encourage people to continue trusting their favorite publication company.

Moreover, despite controversy MBD Group has shown sizeable development through their novice hospitality venture called MBD Krishna Resort. Surrounded by landscaped gardens and lush greenery, this resort is located in a popular Indian town called Jalandhar in the northern state of Punjab. Attracting thousands of overseas towards is their plush spa facilities where guests can take leisure in rejuvenating spa treatments.

Under the supervision and direction of Chairperson Mrs. Satish Bala Malhotra MBD, this hospitality venture has turned several heads and even went on create a benchmark in India’s hospitality industry within a short span of time. Looking ahead in the hospitality industry, MBD hasn’t stayed limited with only one venture. In fact, based on a positive feedback this venture received, it has found the right amount of encouragement to establish a better venture that too in metro cities.

An example for this is there Delhi NCR hospitality project called the Radisson Blu MBD Hotel. This successful venture is under the complete management and ownership of the Group, and it offers five star amenities, which are according to the standard of world-class hotels across the globe.


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Another Milestone for MBD- Krishna Resort a revered addition in Hospitality Industry

Any company’s top management plays an essential role in the overall development and this cannot be overlooked at any cost. Likewise, the top management at MBD Group, which includes Director Monica Malhotra and more, must be dearly credited for all the success achieved by the company. Despite the current competitive scenario, MBD Group has managed to create a niche for itself.

The group enjoys an individual popularity that sets apart from every one of its competitors. A unique quality about MBD Group is that have never required the assistance of another company or name in form of merger or acquisition to keep its market standing strong. Every feather in the cap, the Group managers is the sole credit holders for the same.

Today, the Group continues to move ahead in different fields besides developing in publication industry. In fields such as hospitality, real estate, mall development, management, e learning and paper manufacturing, MBD Group has managed to set up lucrative ventures in a reasonably short period of time.

Particularly in hospitality, MBD Krishna Resort is considered a revered development. The resort, centered in Punjab, Northern India, can be easily accessed from the state of Jalandhar. Spread over nine acres of land is surrounded by lush greenery and promise visitors with the best most relaxing experience of leisure and relaxation. Tourists coming to this destination are assured the best hospitality experience. Equipped countless of facilities, here guests are enjoy the taste of a different number of cuisines as well which include Indian, Italian, Chinese and continental.

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Setting themselves apart from competitors- Monica Malhotra Kandhari

Any number of words will fall short when recounting the success story of India’s largest and most successful publication house, MBD Group. Under the astute vision of Shri Ashok Kumar Malhotra, MBD Group started small yet powerful as a small business in country’s competitive publication market. Over the years, they stuck to their ambition, made collective efforts and today are called the pioneering publication house in the Indian market.

Their revered marketing standing is based on nothing. India’s only publication company to have complete forward and backward integration, MBD Group is self sufficient in terms of a well equipped in-house printing and binding units. In addition, they have recently set up their own paper manufacturing unit which produces environment friendly paper. MBD Director Monica Malhotra Kandhari made sure that the publication house does not fall short even in terms of distribution. With more than 36 branch offices spread all across the country, MBD Group has created vast web that allows them to reach every literate person in the country.

MBD Chairperson, Mrs. S Bala Malhotra saw to it that the dream and vision of her husband and company founder does not fade away with passing time. Her efforts are testimony to her intentions that make sure that the company achieves greater heights of success and rendition in the coming years as well. An example to their continued success is diversification into different ventures besides publication. Some noteworthy ventures include mall development, e learning, real estate, paper manufacturing, hospitality, mall management and more.

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Satish Bala Malhotra – Reason Behind the Diversification of MBD Group

A true example of rags to riches can be made from the story of MBD Group. Their story is simple yet has gone through several ups and downs all throughout its existence that pans for more than five decades. MBD started their journey as a small publication house under the leadership and vision of a futuristic man named Shri Ashok Kumar Malhotra. With time and dedicated hard work towards creating something historic, the company went on to garner the status of being the number of publication house in the country. The best part about this achievement is that company continues to enjoy this status even today.

Substantiating their name as the number one publication house in the country is their self-sustenance. MBD Group is the only publication house in the country to have complete forward and backward integration. The publication house has their self-owned printing and binding units, furthermore they even have their own paper manufacturing unit.

Talking about diversification, the current Chairperson at MBD Group, Satish Bala Malhotra undertook several developmental measures to take it to unbelievable heights. Some noteworthy measures include exploring different services industries which include environment friendly paper manufacturing, e learning, mall development and management, real estate and hospitality. The hotel industry is a sector where MBD has left a mark. MBD Krishna Resort in India’s small city called Jalandhar. Offering world class luxury and comfort through their accommodations, this hospitality venture has become a revered addition to the long list of MBD’s achievements.

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Monica Malhotra MBD- Creating Standards for Competitors

If there is something synonyms to astute leadership, revered success and global recognition then that is of MBD Group. The pioneering name in India’s publication industry, MBD Group of Publications have built a sound reputation and regard for itself based on sheer dedication and hard work. A business success story is only complete with the mention of its top level management. MBD Bosses are to a large extent responsible for taking MBD to the market standing it enjoys today.

Senior Director, Monica Malhotra MBD with her experience in writing profession coupled with sound business judgment, opened up several new avenues for the company. Daughter of company founder, Monica is also blessed with genes that empower her to think ahead of time. Her visionary mind similar to that of her father’s is what made MBD a self-sustained publication house today.

Besides the Director, Chairperson Mrs. S Bala Malhotra brought in the required leadership to the table, especially after the untimely passing away of company founder Shri Ashok Kumar Malhotra. Besides being a pioneering publication house in the country, MBD Group has even managed to reach every literate person in the country through their publication. Furthermore, substantiating their widespread reach is the wide extent of their distribution network. MBD’s distribution network includes having more than 36 distribution centers spread all around the nation.     

MBD even enjoys a successful clientele outside the nation, with a long list of satisfied customers which are based in UK, USA, Spain, Mexico, Gulf Countries, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and more.  

MBD GroupMBD BossesMonica Malhotra Kandhari MBDSatish Bala Malhotra MBD, S Bala MalhotraMBD Krishna ResortBalwant SharmaMBD Fraud